Resales Online Website Integration

Resales Online is a market leader in Southern Spain for listing and managing real estate properties. They provide both real estate management software and a business-to-business multi-listings service.

If you are a real estate agent on the Costa del Sol, you can list your properties on Resales-Online so they are visible to other agents in the area. We can help you to automatically place your properties from on your own website. We can do this in different ways. An example is via XML or JSON, advantages of this kind of integration are:

It is of course also possible to list the properties of other agents - with the Resales Online API - on your website. This is great if you are a new real estate agency in the Marbella, Costa del Sol area, and do not have any, or many, own property listings yet.

XML/JSON Integration in an existing or new website?

We can help you to connect your website to the Resales-Online system in Spain. We integrate their XML api in your current website, but we can also develop a completely new, SEO optimized website for you.

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